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Today’s convenience-driven customers’ demand an easy to use and user-centric CRM.

At Corbuz, our products are designed keeping usability in mind, so you can focus on the things that matter most to your business.
Single User

They are built to suit every business need!

Manage your customer relationships better with our CRM’s interactive features and functionality.

User-friendly Dashboard

Compelling visuals, simple analytics, custom modules, and user-friendly interface make up our interactive dashboard. It allows you to track and forecast revenue, set goals and manage progress with ease.

Detailed Reporting

With detailed reports and insights at your fingertips, businesses can understand the various opportunities at different stages and time, and make strategic decisions.

Easy Set-up and Automation

Streamlining your sales and marketing processes is just a few steps away. Our fully functional set of options will help you get started without any glitches.

Grow your business faster with Corbuz CRM solutions.
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Why Corbuz?

Affordable pricing

Our plans are created to keep pace with the changing business needs.

We offer low-cost CRM solutions so even small businesses can take advantage of our offerings.

Great customer support

For any issues big or small, our technical team is here to provide exceptional assistance and support.

Easy set-up and implementation

Our CRM software is easy to install, use and manage. In just a few minutes you will be ready to use our fully integrated CRM solution.

Embed Corbuz Anywhere

No need to be a developer, we give you a small snippet of code or aunthentication you add it to your website, and connect with your Gmail, Microsoft Accounts. It’s Super easy.