Corbuz HRM and CRM Software Features


Manage your customer relationships better with our CRM’s interactive features and functionality. They are built to suit every business need!


Corbuz Customer Relationship Management dashboard provides customers across Dubai, UAE, a rapid overview of the most significant indicators, a high-level view of sales operations, KPIs, new leads and prospects, current and upcoming activity, and much more.

The information you need to know is right in front of you on a dashboard. You can select the most relevant and important reports to provide your company a competitive advantage.

☉ Corbuz CRM dashboards use visual representations

To allow users to quickly and easily acquire a picture of the KPIs and data that drive success (or failure). Track every customer interaction and transform that information into reports that can help you analyze and forecast your business

☉ Corbuz CRM dashboards are extensively customizable

Perhaps most importantly, This customization gives you the flexibility to highlight which metrics matter most to you and your team in your organization. Such metrics can include acquired leads, secured deals, and, of course, KPIs. Individual sales team members can use our dashboards to track their progress toward specific goals.

☉ 100% user-friendly

Corpuz CRM dashboard is simple yet powerful. It is simple to operate and gives the best results.

☉ Ease of set - up

Corpuz CRM can be implemented in your System easily.

☉ Up to date

Corbuz dashboard is built to give you the most accurate, up-to-date insight on leads, Opportunities, and much more. This helps deep understanding of your customers and accounts.

☉ Data safe and secure

Don’t worry, your data is safe in our hands.

☉ Simplifies work

Access all data easily. Everything at your fingertips

☉ With our configurable reports and visual dashboards

you can collect and analyze the data that matters
the most.

☉ Save people time

clients make better decisions and get work done in real-time.

☉ A quick assessment of areas of concern

With our customized dashboard, you can collect and analyze data that matters most.

☉ Better data privacy protection

we don’t want your data fragmented in various places. We will keep all your data safe

☉ Enhance productivity, and accelerate sales

with best-in-class features based on advanced Al and Blockchain technology, all through one intelligent platform.

☉ Customer segmentation

CRMs allow you to sort contacts based on the information you’ve gathered over time. A sales representative might, for example, filter by region, company size, or deal stage. Your team members will always have a clear understanding of how to position outreach for each segment in this manner.

Our software is mostly determined by the nature of your business, its size, the kind of clients and employees it serves, as well as its workflow and sales processes. It’s no longer necessary to close your eyes and hope for the best!


Selling can be tough! However, a clear roadmap, a supportive ecosystem, and Sales CRM software can make the job easier for you. Corbuz CRM helps the customers around UAE to identify the right sales opportunities & supports your sales efforts to increase your chances of success.

For faster growth of your business, it is highly recommended to concentrate on the correct sales opportunities. Keep track of your possibilities and engage with them on a regular basis to convert leads to deals and connections. Corbuz allows you to conduct a rapid search, filter results as needed, and examine all of your Leads, Deals, Contacts, and Companies.  Corbuz Sales Management is the ideal customer management tool for any stage of your company’s development. It’s flexible enough for enterprises of any size or industry and expandable for everything you require.

☉ Get your things done!

Import leads with a single click, manage contacts and deals with ease, and set tasks and notes with ease. Our best-in-class feature helps your things done quickly.

☉ Corbuz Sales CRM helps you save time - Time is money!
☉ Assisting companies in reaching new heights
☉ Corbuz can help you keep track of your output.
☉ Proven track record of increasing productivity and sales
☉ View revenue forecasts and gets detailed information on your team's performance.
☉ Make a number of different custom designs
☉ The #1 Digital Revenue Growth Platform
☉ Improve your lead management.
☉ Improved pipeline monitoring.

With the world’s most trusted sales management software, you can automate administrative processes and complete more deals faster.

☉ A comprehensive picture

Of the individual and team performance, which customers  can use to plan and optimize sales resources

☉ Tracking of Conversations

Keep track of the emails your team sent as well as the open and click rates.

☉ Expand the number of referrals from recent customers

CRMs allow you to sort contacts based on the information you’ve gathered over time. A sales representative might, for example, filter by region, company size, or deal stage. Your team members will always have a clear understanding of how to position outreach for each segment in this manner.

Monitoring business health in real-time and pivoting go-to-market strategies quickly is more crucial than ever. Sales management can do what it’s supposed to achieve with the correct CRM (customer relationship management) choices: manage sales to ever-increasing levels of viability and profitability for the organization. Fortunately, Corbuz Sales Management helps the customers around UAE to assist in this area.


To manage your sales teams’ email conversations, execute successful outbound campaigns, and boost sales performance, use Corbuz CRM. For sales teams, email is the preferred method of contact. We configure Gmail and Outlook to our CRM Dashboard. Toggling between an email inbox and a sales CRM to send emails and track responses can be inconvenient and time-consuming for a salesperson.

You can access and manage your third-party email account(s) directly from your Corbuz CRM account. Corbuz CRM allows you to integrate your email directly into the system. You can configure G-mail and Outlook Applications. Once you’ve completed the settings, all of your emails will be retrieved to the Corbuz CRM, and you’ll have access to a full-featured email client in the CRM system to write and send emails. As a result, any email received by the system is immediately retrieved and stored in the Corbuz CRM system.

☉ Use your CRM to send outbound campaigns.

From Corbuz CRM, you can manage all of your campaigns. With Sales Sequences and Workflow, you may send bulk emails or run targeted outbound campaigns based on your prospects’ activities and behavior. With the smartest Corbuz CRM in town, you can reach out to your email list in seconds and continue crushing your sales targets.

☉ With email templates, you can quickly deploy campaigns.

Allow our sales CRM to handle the monotonous process of composing the same email over and over again for you. Create and save well-crafted personalized email templates as templates to send campaigns faster than ever before.

☉ Examine the effectiveness of your emails.

To see if your efforts are paying off, track the results of your email marketing. Track the open and click rates of different emails you’ve sent to see which ones are performing well and which ones aren’t.

☉ Emails can be scheduled.

Schedule your campaigns to go out at a time and date when your clients are most likely to read them.

☉ Set up real-time notifications.

Receive real-time notifications for email openings, link clicks, and new emails, allowing you to contact your prospects at the optimal time.

☉ Personalize your emails

Change things up and use custom HTML code to grab your prospects’ attention with eye-catching colors and fonts.

☉ Email communication can be automated.

To automate your outbound email campaigns, use Freshworks CRM’s Sales Sequences and Workflow.

☉ Email templates can be shared.

Determine which emails generate the most responses and share the templates with your team for future use.

With so many attractive features, you are one step closer to faster and effective business communication.


Corbuz #1 for lead management

UAE’s number one Lead Management System will give your sales staff a boost.

Lead management system automatically captures leads from all of your sources – Google, Facebook, and referrals – with no lead leakage. Corbuz engages your lead’s lifecycle in the right setting. You’ll be able to comprehend the many stages your leads go through in their buying lifecycle and activity timeline if you use an excellent lead management solution.

Companies use Corbuz CRM software to manage the client journey to help them cope. Corbuz CRM lead management is the first step. Leads are essential for any organization, large or small. Leads must be converted into satisfied customers for businesses to prosper. And in order to do it well, you’ll need total visibility into sales and marketing leads in a well-organized manner. Use our custom CRM lead management software to help your organization’s different teams gain context and visibility into your pipeline, as well as improve communication.

Your salespeople and marketers can communicate easily across phone, email, chat, and SMS from within the CRM with this real-time context.

☉ Developing a Lead

Sending relevant content to your leads via email, SMS, WhatsApp, and other channels can help them move faster down the pipeline.

☉ Lead grading

The lead grading features help your salespeople prioritize leads based on a composite score of positive and negative activities performed, making it easier for them to contact hot leads first.

☉ Distribution of Leads

Leads can be distributed based on specific lead and agent criteria, including lead quality, location, language, and agent performance.

☉ Reminders and alerts

With the help of automated reminders and task alerts, every step taken by your leads and sales agents is monitored, and you may intervene if a lead has been lying in the system for a long time.

☉ Lead segmentation

Leads can be categorized into different groups, such as new leads, follow-up leads, pending leads, demos completed, and so on.

☉ Obtain the best lead

Attract visitors, convert them to leads, manage campaigns, and transform your website into a lead generator.

☉ Cost-cutting

The capacity to use data to your advantage comes with an additional benefit: cost savings. A good lead management policy can help you save a lot of money.

☉ Quick response

Customers expect immediate responses. If you don’t follow up quickly (like, right away), you risk losing them to a competition.

Corbuz CRM Lead management software can help you avoid tragedies. You’ll be notified when a new lead enters the system, and you’ll be able to send them an email.


Take a close look and make a wise decision!

Corbuz Report provides all the valuable information you need to improve your client interactions. Self-service operational analytics and ready-to-run business reports across essential operations will enable your company to answer the questions that matter most.

The best part of Corbuz customer relationship management is a CRM report. You can use a CRM dashboard report to spot trends using visual key performance indicators (KPIs) and a mix of interactive charts and graphs. This will enable you to develop strategies that will build trust and brand loyalty over time.

Users can easily address any business concerns, investigate new trends, and boost efficiency with maximum self-service capabilities.

☉ Transform information to better decision

The data is presented in such a way that anyone, not only the IT personnel, can comprehend the findings. Transform this information into easy, actionable insights that can be utilized to support business decisions and process improvements.

They’re frequently found in CRM dashboards, where they integrate your data in such a way that your reports become interactive, targeted, and efficient.

☉ Quick reporting

CRM Report assist you to make better choices and help you make faster, more informed decisions based on solid, accurate visual data.

☉ Cut cost

You’ll be able to turn data into insight in real-time if you can track KPIs effectively. Improved decision-making will not only make you more adaptable to change but will also help you streamline your customer service processes and cut costs.

☉ Understanding of the essence

CRM reporting software provides in-depth analysis based on historical, predicted, and “in-the-moment” data.

☉ A sustained level of performance

CRM reporting enables you to set meaningful benchmarks while keeping a close eye on your performance in many areas. You can consistently improve your brand reputation while acquiring—and trying to maintain new customers with the correct CRM analysis report.

☉ Custom reporting

The CRM’s custom reporting features let sales teams easily find the sales insights that are most important to them, and filter the data by a wide range of variables.

☉ Sales progress summaries

You can get sales to progress summaries that illustrate which salespeople have been allocated to which prospects and how many of the created transactions in your pipeline have been won.

Customers from all industries can benefit from our CRM’s smart reporting capabilities. Get a free demo of our CRM and see the wonders for yourself.


Set goals, facilitate collaboration, and improve overall performance transparency, business intelligence, analytics, planning, and forecasting all in one suite.

Some software companies build products with cutting-edge technology but lack the user experience, making it difficult to set up, browse, and use. Corbuz CRM is built in such a way that even the most complicated capabilities are accessible to everybody.

Corbuz CRM is an all-in-one plan contains unlimited features like sales, marketing, project and inventory management, social media integration, internal collaboration, and much more. This makes it excellent for small organizations seeking a cost-effective CRM that can handle everything. It also has contact and deals management, task automation, and reporting, along with unique features that make them stand out from the crowd.

☉ Marketing

Within seconds, recognizing what customers want and directing them to relevant material, messaging, and offers.

☉ Sales

Eliminate blind spots and increase engagement throughout the sales process. Opportunity insights, next best actions, assisted selling, and genuine AI from Corbuz enable sellers to act when it matters most.

☉ Custom Reporting

Provides dozens of prebuilt alternatives and perhaps even the ability to customize your own to effectively measure and manage sales and projects. Opportunity value, funnel stage analysis, tasks, reasons for losing, and more reports are included in the prebuilt reports.

☉ Inventory management

To provide an exact stock position, an inventory management system automates inventory updates, replenishment, sale orders, deliveries, and returns. Corbuz provides centralized inventory management, real-time assessment, and update of stock. This helps to maintain a consistent stock pipeline and dispersal across all sales platforms.

☉ Social media integration

To create better experiences, social media CRM systems allow you to track, benchmark, and engage with customers across social networks. While your company may have CRM solutions for other aspects of its marketing department, social media cannot be overlooked.

☉ Internal collaboration

This collaborative CRM was created to make it easier to communicate with both your customers and your own staff. Real-time sales updates will keep your team connected. Allow teams to add useful context to their sales records, or connect your collaboration tools so that you can communicate updates from a single platform.

☉ Lead management

Manage lead, connect your customer, acquire new customers, automate repeated tasks, segment leads, simplify tedious tasks in the easiest way, lead ends once lead becomes a customer.

☉ Quote/Invoicing

Corbuz CRMprovides a custom quote and invoice tools that will enhance sales and ease the work of the individual.

Corbuz CRM allows users to add more features along with the built-in feature. Don’t wait, get started, and transform your business with UAE’s custom CRM, Corbuz. We think Corbuz can be the perfect solution for your business regardless of size and industry.